English Prep Support Units

Writing Center

Writing Center is a writing workshop established to assist Prep students in developing their writing skills.  Lecturers at the Writing Center work with students on a one-to-one basis, define their weaknesses, provide guidance as to study techniques that may help improve their writing skills.

To work with a lecturer at the Writing Center, the students must make an appointment in advance.  Students can bring in previously written essays for evaluation and feedback, provided that those essays are not part of their course requirements.  Feedback on written work that constitutes part of the student’s weekly homework or portfolio requirements can be provided only by the student’s class teacher.  Students can bring in a previously written essay or paragraph similar to those written in their classes in recent weeks. In subsequent weeks, both their class teachers and the writing center teachers will help them with topics they can write about.


Computer Assisted Language Laboratory

In addition to classroom learning, students can benefit from multimedia equipment in the laboratories located in the YADYOK Buildings on the North and Sarıtepe campuses.   In the laboratories, they can do their research on the Internet, or check their e-mails.  Students must present their student ID card to use the laboratories. 


Academic Support in English

With the aim of helping Prep students whose classes are on Sarıtepe Campus with their learning as well as their homework, the university is planning a support system in the form of online or one-to-one correspondence or face-to-face study sessions.  


Services for Remedial Students

Remedial students are provided with study material, texts, and exercises of the kind used in classes to help them prepare for the English Proficiency Test.

Support classes are offered to assist remedial students to improve their listening and writing skills.

Remedial students receive assistance from the Writing Center, too.  They can also work with student assistant teachers on a one-to-one basis.


Work conducted by part-time student assistants

Prep students can get assistance from student assistants, who are students of the Undergraduate Program in English Teaching of the Faculty of Education.  Students can access the online appointment system as well as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot pages of the student assistants at http://yadyokassistant.yolasite.com.

Detailed information on English support programs for prep students can be obtained from the School of Foreign Languages.


Contact information

Tel.: 0(212) 359 4500
Office:  North Campus, New YADYOK Building
Web:  www.yadyok.boun.edu.tr
E-mail:  hazirlik@boun.edu.tr