Financial Aid Coordination Office

Financial Aid Coordination Office collects data on scholarships that students are awarded by internal or external sources, handles all procedures regarding scholarships, monitors the students’ compliance with the conditions stipulated in scholarship agreements, contacts the institution or person providing financial aid, investigates the sources of financial aid, and formulates suggestions regarding the financial aid system.

Undergraduate students are awarded merit-based or need-based scholarships.  Need-based scholarships may be paid in cash or in kind.  Graduate students, on the other hand, are eligible for only need-based scholarships that are paid in cash.  Applications for scholarships are accepted by the Financial Aid Coordination Office at the beginning of each academic year.  All documents required for application must be submitted to the Office in full and in the format required.

Detailed information on types of scholarships, application dates and application requirements can be obtained from the Financial Aid Coordination Office.


Contact Information:

Tel.:  0 (212) 359 7143
Office:  South Campus, General Administration Building, Ground Floor